Bluegrass On Ballard

We have been going 5 miles up the road to Wylie at least once a week to eat at the Ballard Street Cafe.  Today Wylie had it’s Bluegrass on Ballard festival.  Food, Crafts, Car Show. Weather was perfect, felt nice to walk around some!

One of the guys I work with now has this beauty of a 1968 Camaro in the car show. Sharon has always wanted a 68.  Maybe someday but for now the Harley will have to do.


We didn’t take the bike because I thought I was going to buy a set of Longhorns for the house.  I had him down to $135 but he wouldn’t go for $100 cash.  I was wheeling and dealing on the fifth set from the bottom.  They were over 60 inches.KJ5D1987-FrameShop

This is the cute little barber I have been getting my haircut at.  First time, I started to tell him how my beautician had been cutting it.  He pretty much told me he had been cutting hair for 43 years and he would figure it out.  I’ll be going back!KJ5D1989-FrameShop KJ5D1991-FrameShop KJ5D1994-FrameShop KJ5D1995-FrameShop

This ended up being Sharon’s favorite car.  a 1939 Chevy truck named “Peaches”.  Loved the paint on this one and Sharon said she could she herself driving one like this someday! Peaches is owned and driven by a female.  I dont think I could pull off driving this paint color.KJ5D1996-FrameShop KJ5D1999-FrameShop


Perfect weather, good food, Great music, got some local Honey, but didn’t get the horns. Felt good to be out walking around with a camera again!  Who knows what will get in front of my lens next?

Life is good and I am blessed!