Burrowing Owls of Zanjero Park Arizona

I was asked to go out to my company’s development center in Phoenix Arizona.  It has been raining so much in Texas I haven’t been out in the field doing my wildlife photography.  I decided to go ahead and pack a camera and a small zoom lens.  I had heard that there were Burrowing Owls in Gilbert.  Sure enough they have made a park for the Owls.  As the cities around Phoenix build out new subdivision, then relocate the Burrowing Owl families to Zanjero Park. Volunteers have build 100 man made Owl burrows.

KJ5D5890-FrameShopThere was at least 4 or 5 active owls while I was there.  I was a little surprised as it was 117 degrees while I was there.  I took my Cannon 5D MK III and my 100-400mm MKII.  As soon as the Owls started flying around I really wished I would have brought my trusty 1DX, but I made do with what I had.KJ5D5792-FrameShop KJ5D5811-FrameShop

Is this one guarding a pile of Dog Pooh?KJ5D5820-FrameShop KJ5D5875-FrameShopWas finally able to catch one in flight, the Batman pose no less.KJ5D5845-FrameShopI don’t like man made objects in my nature and wildlife photos but I wanted to post a few of the habitat that built for the owls.

KJ5D5673-FrameShopKJ5D5671-FrameShop KJ5D5860-FrameShop

Each Burrow is numbered.  This owl lived in #35, but liked to hang out on the #47 / #48 perch.  The first 60 burrows are along a wide cement pathway.  The rest are out in more of a gravel path.  Hope you found this little review worth your time.

If I get time while I am out here, I am going to look for the Wild Horses of the Salt River.

Life is good and I am blessed!

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