Audry’s Talent Show

I haven’t been shooting much lately, life has been crazy. ¬†Today I was lucky enough to get over to Audry’s school in time to see Audry and Ava act in their talent show.

Waiting in the wingsKJ5D1084-FrameShop KJ5D1103-FrameShop KJ5D1114-FrameShop KJ5D1137-FrameShop KJ5D1139-FrameShop KJ5D1141-FrameShop KJ5D1148-FrameShop

The big ending!

KJ5D1162-FrameShopGoing with a friend Sunday to a couple owl nests.  Wish me luck and hopefully photos to follow.

Life is good and I am blessed!

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