Wood Ducks

Finally made it over to Fort Worth to photograph some wood ducks.  By the time I got there the light was terrible and the wind was picking up so there was a pretty good chop on the pond!  Wood Ducks are the North American cousin to the Mandarin duck I have been photographing.

Hey, I think I heard a female wood duck!PBKJ6045-FrameShop

8 males all hanging out together.  Too much lens to get more than 4 in the frame at one time.PBKJ6068-FrameShop

OK fatboy, turn the call off, you my friend are not a female wood duck!PBKJ6086-FrameShop PBKJ6100-FrameShop

Looking like a decoy!PBKJ6122-FrameShop

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Life is good and I am blessed!