Garage Floor

After wanting an epoxied garage floor I finally broke down and had it done.

They started with a super heavy duty floor grinder to open all the pores and remove the old sealer.  The grinder was connected to a huge industrial vacuum system.

They even ground the edge walls and the small entry way into the house by hand.

They then swept up the extra concrete particles and then blew the garage out with power blowers, followed by a wet mopping.

Then they mixed up some quick set concrete patch and fixed all the small pits and imperfections.

Next they mixed up the colored 2 part epoxy and hand bushed it on the edge walls and then threw the colored flake into it.  Swept up the extra and then poured and rolled the floor while one man worked out front of the epoxy, the other wore special spiked shoes.

Then came the hand casted flakes. Of course Sharon did a great job matching the wall color with one of her favorite drinks “Cappuccino”. They used about 3 five gallon containers of the flakes.

Then they took a 45 minute lunch break to allow the epoxy to dry.  When they came back they scraped the floor with a large scrapper that kind of looks like a flat snow shovel.  Then then used the power blowers to collect up all the loose flakes and ended up picking up close to 4 gallons of flakes. 

Then the final coat of a high gloss clear epoxy.  It could be walked on after 4 hours, and driven on after a 24 hour cure time.

I could not be any happier with the end results.  Even though I think it was all part of Miss Sharon’s master plan to get me to clean the garage!  Ha!





I would and will highly recommend Garage Flooring Pros to do your garage floor!

Garage Flooring Pros

Life is good and I am blessed!


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Fort Worth College Scouting Bureau 18 U

It was really cool for the Shelby Daniels to be invited to the Fort Worth College Scouting Bureau (CSB) Texas Survivor Series.  The entire Daniel’s family came down and stayed with us for 4 days, and we got to watch Shelby play Softball.  So as usual I took camera gear to keep me busy and away from people.  Here are a few of my favorite captures.

The event was held at the Sports Park in Keller Texas 

16 teams total.  13 were travel all-star type teams that had played together all season.  The CSB players were divided up onto 3 teams.  There were girls invited from all over the country.  There were coaches and scouts from lots of different colleges there.

Fingers crossed Shelby can score a full ride scholarship and save her folks a 100K + in college tuition.  

All photos we shot on my Canon 1DX paired with the100-400mm IS markII handheld. 

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Life is good and I am blessed.


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