7D Mark ii and 100-400 mark ii review Day 2: Eagles

When I first got to my Eagles, the skies were blue.  I started off with the Canon 7D Mark ii and Canon 100-400 mark ii  hand held, and the Canon 1DX + 500 on my gimbal.

The Canon 7D Mark ii is a little slower to grab focus in on the bird in flight, but tracks WAY better than my old Canon 7D’s (I had 2).

I then switched bodies and lenses, so of course the light condition had changed by then.  Light fell apart around 1 when clouds rolled in.  Heavy cloud cover until 3:30,,, so the best part of the day was crap.

7D Mark ii + 100-400 mark ii KJ7D0142-FrameShop

Canon 1DX + 100-400 mark iiPBKJ9744-FrameShopTry to ignore the skies, both birds where shot handheld, full-frame and same edit script (Actions)

What is your first impression? More to come on this field testing! This is only Day 2.

Few more Canon 7D MKii + Canon 100-400mm IS MKii to chew on.KJ7D0108-FrameShop KJ7D0114-FrameShop KJ7D0166-FrameShop

Heavy Crop, but getting closer to catching the talon to talon shot!KJ7D0192-FrameShop KJ7D0225-FrameShop KJ7D0233-FrameShop KJ7D0298Crop-FrameShop KJ7D0370-FrameShop KJ7D0377-FrameShop

What do you think so far?

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13 thoughts on “7D Mark ii and 100-400 mark ii review Day 2: Eagles

  1. You have a great talent in capturing the eagles. I think each picture/camera has it’s own quality and it is all in what you want.

    • Thanks Alice,, but this 14 day field experience is way different that what they do in the labs. People want to know if either or both as worth upgrading too. I am trying to share real life experiences from outdoor field tests. Does that make sense?

  2. Kent,

    Wow, that’s some impressive turn around time. On the river today photographing eagles and posting pics this evening.

    The pictures look wonderful to me. No doubt the 7D Mark II is in the hands of a skilled photographer and you make it look easy. I’ve read enough on Fred Miranda and Photography on the Net to wonder about the reliability of the focus system. A few photographers over on BirdPhotographers. net are not happy either. However, there are a number of skilled photographers on those sites that have produced wonderful pictures with the new 7D.

    I look forward to your future pics and review with the new kit and hope you get a chance to add the 1.4x II extender on the kit for a few pics.

    Thanks for taking the time to post the pics and offering some of your impressions with the new kit.


  3. Just noticed you answered the question in regards to using the extender in yesterday’s post. Sorry about the additional inquiry in my above post.


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