7D Mark ii and 100-400 mark ii review Day 1: Pheasants

Let me start off by saying it is WAY too early to jump to any conclusions about my new combination of a Canon 7D Mark ii and a Canon 100-400mm IS mark ii.  I have 15 days to keep or return it.  This morning I headed out in 3 degrees, -20 wind chill looking for a one of my Snowy Owls.  I figured if I could catch on a pole or post I could do a side by side comparison.  No luck on the Snowy Owls, but I did find 14 Male Pheasants.

Pheasants aren’t native to Illinois or even America.  They were introduced from Asia into the United States as a game bird, they took hold and strived!

I was going to strip off all info and have you guess which camera took which photo, but I’ll do that later.

Pheasants with the new Canon 7D mark ii + 100-400mm IS mark iiKJ7D8746-FrameShop KJ7D8749-FrameShop KJ7D8755-FrameShop These are farm raised in pens and then released into a state park for hunters.  This poor guy doesn’t have any tail feathers!  I am guessing they were picked off from other birds in the pen, but maybe he froze his a$$ off 🙂KJ7D8775-FrameShop KJ7D8786-FrameShop KJ7D8792-FrameShop Couple from the trusty Canon 1DX and 500mm f4 IS Prime.PBKJ9573-FrameShop PBKJ9576-FrameShop


I am headed to the river to see how this combination handle my Eagles and birds in flight.  I was going to micro adjust the pair, but after today I am going to wait on that step.

What do you think so far?

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7 thoughts on “7D Mark ii and 100-400 mark ii review Day 1: Pheasants

  1. Kent,

    Thanks for posting the pictures of the pheasants. They certainly are beautiful birds. The pictures from the 7D Mark II look pretty good to me. Will you have the opportunity to try the new combo with the 1.4x II extender?


    • I do not plan to test the new combo with the 1.4. The 7D is already a 1.6 crop factor, so when paired with the 100-400 that give me a 640mm working length. The 500mm with the 1.4 on my full frame 1DX give me a working length of 700mm. I am looking for a lighter hiking in the woods combo. I plan to get to total weight and all that in my review. More to come. I wish I had my son’s 5D mkiii to test along side for you guys,, that would tell yet another interesting story!

  2. Hi Kent,

    Cool stuff – thanks for posting. The 7D pics look good – but don’t seem to have the detail/contrast as well as what I see with your Eagle shots and other things you took with the DX. Could just be the light though – looks like it was really bright out?

  3. Always had pheasants around when I was growing up and now we hardly ever see one. Glad you found something so beautiful to try out the camera on.

    • Thanks,, I can always find them is snow on ground and windy enough. Let me know if you every want to go photograph them. Ray found them again today after I told him where to look 🙂

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