Sandhill Cranes

This pass Friday,  I set an alarm and headed to Jasper-Pulaski Fish and Wildlife Area in Indiana to try and find some Sandhill Cranes. The largest flock East of the Mississippi River hang out around that wildlife refuge from Late October though December depending on weather and food.
The sandhill crane is one of the oldest bird species and has been around for at least 2 million years. Sandhill cranes have been on Earth for an incredibly long time. The Sandhill Crane is among the oldest species of bird, with fossils dating back at least two million years.
Road construction and a 25 mile detour allowed me to miss the mass ascension, but was still able to find tons feeding in the fields to the South.
The new 100-500 wasn’t enough lens, and the EF 500mm F4 with a 1.4 TC was super slow focusing birds in flights. Really makes me want to pull the trigger on the RF 600mm F4.
Pretty cool to witness and watch them. I saw Deer, Turkey, a green Heron. I can tell I am rusty shooting birds in flight!!!

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Life is good and I am blessed.


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