Tour 18 Dallas

While on vacation, I ventured out from my normal golf club and drove over to Flower Mound and played the Tour 18.  Tour 18 is America’s Greatest Golf Holes.  I took my camera along to document a few of the holes.

The Blue Monster from Doral.KJ5D5906-FrameShop

Crooked Sticks #15KJ5D5907-FrameShop

Wing Foot #10 Par 3, 174 yards, I hit the green and made par.KJ5D5909-FrameShop

TPC Sawgrass #17.  I hit the green and 3 putted for Bogey.  I played a knocked down 9 iron from 127 into a strong wind.KJ5D5913-FrameShop  The Start of Amen Corner:  #11 from Augusta National KJ5D5915-FrameShop

#12 from Augusta National, 148 yards, I hit the green on the fly, one hopped into the back bunker.  Hit a decent sand shot that stayed on the green and 2 putted for Bogey. KJ5D5917-FrameShop The REAL #12 from my trip to the Masters.PBKJ0228-FrameShop

#13 from Augusta National KJ5D5919-FrameShop

The REAL #13PBKJ0249-FrameShop

I was supposed to play with a couple of guys from my normal group.  They all backed out and got paired with 3 three Farmers Branch Police Department Officers.  Really nice guys.  This was before all the craziness but I offered to take their photo on TPC 17 tee box.  Thanks for your service guys!KJ5D5914-FrameShop

The course was in decent shape.  The bunkers were washed out from some heavy rains the two days before.  The mid-week rate was only $39 and I thought it was a fun track and a good value.  I will go back now that I have played a lot of the blind tee shots.

Life is good and I am blessed!


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  1. Hi Kent, this is Jay, the dude wearing the Ranger’s cap in the picture. The pictures are great! Quick correction, we are Farmers Branch Police Department Officers. We enjoyed playing with you as well. We’d love to have a copy of the picture you took of us, do you sell them?

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