Barred Owls

During my recent trip to the quad cities to photograph eagles I was invited out to photograph “Brown Owls”  I introduced the cast yesterday.  Thought today’s post I would start with the Barred Owls, since we found them first.

Here are the stars. PBKJ5256-FrameShop PBKJ5279-FrameShopPBKJ5236_2-FrameShopPBKJ5313-FrameShop PBKJ5319-FrameShop PBKJ5323-FrameShop  The Launch Series!PBKJ5347-FrameShop PBKJ5348-FrameShop PBKJ5349-FrameShop PBKJ5350-FrameShop PBKJ5351-FrameShop

Next to get edited the Great Horned Owls!

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Life is good and I am blessed!


10 thoughts on “Barred Owls

    • Thanks Tom! You should take the boys to see the eagles next winter at Lock and Dam 14. If I end up coming up next winter, and if timing and weather work out maybe we can take the boys out and try to call in an owl for them.

  1. These are very nice. I really like the last few. No doubt he has his eye on you. Thanks for your response to my eagle question from yesterday.

  2. Those were Great! Looked like they were curious about you being there, then like it was gonna get YOU for Breakfast! Straight on flying to you!

    • All inflight photos have been captured with my Canon 1DX and my 500 f4 IS, some handheld and some from my monopod setup. I do have several series of fishing eagles coming up shot with my Canon 5D3 and 100-400 MKII for comparison.

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