2016 Owl and Eagle Trip Day 1

The starting temperature was 14, but the wind was howling at 20 MPH plus.  Robert did a great job of showing me all his owl hot spots but with the winds our calls didn’t carry and they were not going to fly.  We called 3 sets of Barred Owls, and had one high fly over late in the morning but no photos were taken.

I did setup on these cardinals and actually called them in.  First this little guy came in and I have no clue what he is.  I think he might be a Downy Woodpecker or a Hairy Woodpecker.  Remember folks I am a photographer not a birder.PBKJ4512-FrameShop I can’t remember who but somebody asked if I had any cardinals, so I called this guy in for his closeup!PBKJ4523-FrameShop The wind was SO strong it messed with the eagles ability to fish.  This one fished with the wind instead of against the wind like normal.

Left to Right EaglePBKJ4812 Classic Right to Left Talon posePBKJ4836 I feel the straight on shots are the hardest to keep in focus.  Straight On!PBKJ5172Day 2 was brown owls in the morning and eagles in the afternoon.  Three to Six inches of snow coming in tomorrow so might have to cut this outing a day early, but going to try to find some Snowy Owls in the morning. Might use Sunday evening for more editing.

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Life is good and I am blessed!



4 thoughts on “2016 Owl and Eagle Trip Day 1

  1. Funny how people think if you take the photo, you know what it is! As usual, the pics are great! Hope you don’t get too snowed in tho.

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