Burrowing Owl

I have slowly been crossing Owls off my list over the years.  This was a lifer.  I hadn’t been shooting much wildlife since moving to the Great State of Texas.  Mostly been playing golf, but when the eagles and snowy owls started showing up back home, the itch got the better of me.

Joined a couple Texas Facebook pages and when a Burrowing Owl appeared, game on to get a chance to cross another one off the life list.

He is located 3.5 hours South by South East of Dallas.  I spent over 7 hours in the car driving and looking for him, but finally found him and got a couple keepers.  They say he will stay around until end of February.   This is his third year in that area.  I would guess him to be about 8 inches tall.

PBKJ2685-FrameShop PBKJ2729-FrameShop PBKJ2776-FrameShop

Have a wildlife Hotspot in Texas, feel free to drop me a line and we can go photograph it.

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Life I good and I am blessed!


6 thoughts on “Burrowing Owl

  1. Nice Pics Ken! Glad to see you out getting some cool shots again! We saw our 1st 3 Eagles near Fulton 2 Weekends ago. Got some decent pictures, but not as you would!

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