I got a taste of Great Horned Owl photography a couple weeks ago.  I checked ebird.org and sure enough there is an active Great Horned Owl in one of our local parks.  It has been seen daily for over a month.  I headed out to find it and the nest.  I have gone three times and yet to find an owl or the nest.  I thought I had the nest tree but ended up being this squirrel stuff into this hole.  Oh well at least I got to walk in the woods a little.



I have been pretty busy with selling and buying a house.  Bare with me during our move to Texas.  People asked me what type of wildlife I might be shooting down there, and I am not sure.  I’ll find something to photograph down there.

More to come!

Life is good and I am blessed!

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6 thoughts on “Squirrel

  1. You may not have found the owl, but what a charming squirrel picture you got. Enjoy Texas, you will find lots of wild life there to take pictures of.

  2. Nice shot of the Tree … Squirrel! Hope you have lots of good pictures and best of luck in Texas! At least we can follow you from here!

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