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OK,, so I used to post a photo a week for the past three year, but it got to be work.  This year, 2015; I decided to post when I photographed things, or had gear review to write up.

Having 3000 keeper Eagle Photos, I decided I would post one an eagle a day for the month of February.  So now for my question:

Do you want two posts a day on some days in February?  Like the vacation write up, or want me to wait until March one for extra posts?

Upcoming topics:

  • Canon 5D markk iii review
  • Me Foto tripod review
  • The 2 snow owls I found yesterday
  • Upcoming 1/2 price canvas wraps sale (in stock only, local pickup)

I have already lost two subscribers during the month of February.  Maybe there just here for the Canon 7D2 – 100-400 reviews, but it feels like 28 days of eagles might have ran them off.

Please use the comment section on this post for feedback and an open dialog.

Thanks in advance!


10 thoughts on “Feedback / Question

  1. Kent,

    I guess if you posted 28 days of your favorite golf shots you might run me off too. I didn’t click on all your Elf on the Shelf links as my interest just wasn’t there. If people are interested in your topic I would think they would click on the link. I enjoyed your 7DII and 100-400 reviews as well. Keep the eagles coming and I would enjoy viewing the snowy owls as well.


  2. Your photos are wonderful and I appreciate your posting them. I’m good with one or two. You have to enjoy time for yourself and family too.

  3. I can’t imagine your eagles running anyone off. If anything, today I think people are inundated with emails-sign up for this, buy that, blah blah….especially after the holiday season. Maybe they’re just trying to simplify things a bit and your notifications got lumped in with the others. By the way, I use Nikon, but really enjoyed your recent Canon reviews.
    Keep up the good work .


  4. I say do what puts a smile on your face Kent. Pretty easy for us to delete what doesn’t interest us and engage in what does. I do like when you mix a little education/knowledge in here and there on your subjects – Eagles, owls, elk and resorts. Thanks!

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