7D Mark ii and 100-400 mark ii review: ISO test

Once again all images straight out of the camera raw.  No post processing other than the labels.  I wanted the images to be the closer to same size without cropping to be a true comparison.  I moved the 7D2 back to shoot Harley Bear full frame, and moved tripod closer for the 1DX.  Everything shot in this test was with the new Canon 70-200mm IS Mark ii at 100mm.

f 1/160, focal length 100mm, ISO as labeled in photos







KJ7D1031 PBKJ0619


I know the 1DX is good shooting to ISO 5,000 and I have shot at 6400 and it was still usable.  This script I wrote to slide back and forth doesn’t work well or at all on some mobile devices and didn’t want to load this post down with extra images.  So here is the rest of the 7D2 higher ISO, no comparisons, but wanted you to have the reference points since Scott Kelby pushed his to 16,000 I did too!

KJ7D1032 KJ7D1033 KJ7D1034 KJ7D1036 KJ7D1037

Found some more birds this morning.  Eagles tomorrow, not sure I will go out Sunday.  Anything else you want to see or me to test before my final write up next week?

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5 thoughts on “7D Mark ii and 100-400 mark ii review: ISO test

  1. Kent,

    Thanks for posting the high ISO results for both cameras. No doubt the images from the 7D2 look softer than the 1DX. However the 7D2 still produces nice images. One would expect the 1DX images to look nicer as it’s what 3 times the cost of the 7D2.

    I look forward to your final review.

    Thanks again for your efforts.


  2. Kent im excited about the 7dmk2 and thanks for your testing.I just bought a new mk2 and a 3002.8v2 with 2x tc. Havent had a chance to take it out and shoot with it yet as we are remodeling our house. I think this combo and with the 100-400 will be a big big plus to any photo chalange we face. Thanks for the review.

    • Depending on which body you are coming from I think you will love the 7D2. I am envious of your 300 f2.8! I have heard better results with the 1.4 TC, some say the 2.0 TC can be a little soft. Michael Fitzgerald shoots a 1 DX and owns that same lens. While his 600 f4 IS MK ii was in the shop he captured some amazing photos with his 300 and 2X TC. Good luck and will be waiting to see your results!

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