Canon 1DX + 500mm f4 = The Dive

My Canon 1DX and my trusty Canon 500mm f4 IS has been feeling neglected!  I have been walking around with the 7D2 + 100-400 hand held.  Was trying to catch a fight, but caught this Dive instead.  I have been leaving the 500mm setup on my gimbal and tripod, and switching back and forth to compare tracking and focusing speeds.  Here are some results.

The Dive

PBKJ0367-FrameShop PBKJ0368-FrameShop PBKJ0369-FrameShop


Now that I got a post out, better get back to the high ISO comparison!

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6 thoughts on “Canon 1DX + 500mm f4 = The Dive

    • thank you! David I have seen your work, and you are being hard on yourself. Keep practing and you will get to your goal you want if you put the time in.

  1. At this point I like the the 500/1dx shots the best, but I’m not much of a judge. Do you use dpp4 to reduce noise? Do you use lightroom5, or do use alot of different plug in(iePPS9, Topaz and etc)?
    They’re all good…I’m coming up there approx 1/28 depending on the weather from Corpus Christi, Tx then from there to Bosque del Apache. Thanks again for all your postings

    • I do about 80% of my editing in Adobe camera raw, and the polish in PhotoShop 6. I do use PhotoShops noise reduction filter. My editing techniques are outlined at the end of my “birds in flight” post. Follow the tutorial.

      Sorry I wont be availbale to meet you on 1/28, but hope you enjoy my eagles and one of my happy places.

      I tool prefer the 1DX and the 500 prime. I have a different reason for the 7D2 and 100-400 mk2. I am not going for a replacement as much as backup and a lighter hiking version. Dragging the big glass all over teh Smoky mountains just about killed this old fat guy. I want the 100-400 markii to be a walk around lens 🙂

      More to come on this story.

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