In Flight Collision!

Until today I had always thought that hummingbirds were the only birds that can fly backwards or upside down.

Today at Lock and Dam 14 on the Mississippi River I witnessed and documented an in air collision between two adult eagles.  I have been trying to get a full frame talon to talon grab, this was really close and maybe more rare.

Two eagles were circling looking for fish forgot to check their airspace and ran into each other. The impact completely rolled the top eagle over in mid air.  He went into a free fall before he could right himself and then continued on with his day of fishing.

Even though I clipped some wings in the series, still pretty cool!

PBKJ8936-FrameShopPBKJ8937-FrameShop PBKJ8938-FrameShop PBKJ8939-FrameShop PBKJ8940-FrameShop

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    • Drove into and through a snow storm to get there. Radar showed it should clear up by 1:00 and it did 🙂 Wind chill was -2!

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