Too much lens!

I love my canon 1DX paired with my 500mm prime lens.  Sometimes I get lucky or unlucky and my subjects gets too close.  I could feel the down force of this wings as she few right over me!


Sick of eagle and Snowy Owl photos yet?  Got a new tip this morning on a Bobcat!  I spend 5 days stalking one in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and never got a photo, now there is one within 15 miles of my house and I am on vacation this week.  How cool would that be?  Hope my tip isn’t a wild bobcat chase!

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3 thoughts on “Too much lens!

  1. I actually thought I saw a bobcat off 39 near hudson yesterday while heading north to look for the Snowy. I about crashed. I circled back around and didn’t see it again. After some searching I passed it off as though I was seeing things. I hope you find it. I would love to see the pictures. I have heard of sittings near funks grove as well but not sure how legit they were. Did you take the eagle shots at l&d 14? I plan to head up for a second visit in the next few days.

    • This Bobcat thing is WAY more elusive than Snowy Owls! Not sure I have the time, patience, and luck needed to get a keeper bobcat photograph. Yes so far all this winter’s eagles are coming from or around L&D14.

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