Recap of the last 3 days shooting Eagles at Lock and Dam 14 (1/1, 1/2, 1/3)

Wednesday I was told to get out of the house so Sharon could take down all the Christmas decorations.  By the time I got to L&D 14, it was a driving snow storm.  There were some eagles working, but the snow really messed with the focus and sharpness of the photos.

Thursday was the best day with a west wind which meant head on fishing!

Friday, the day started out at -9 degrees with 20 – 25MPH winds. Wind chill was -30 at least. It made the water really rough and the eagles struggled to lock onto fish. Since I already got lucky this year with several full frame fishing sequences, I am trying to focus in getting an in air fight series. Saw a few fights, but WAY out.  Every time there was 2 or 3 birds close to each other I started tracking, just practicing my framing and back button focusing.  Every once in a while my shutter finger would slip and click off a couple.

Here are some fruits of my labor from 1/1, 1/2, and 1/3.

As always C&C is welcomed, and I’ll be headed back on Saturday the 11th for Larry’s Annual cookout.

all Iced Up In Air Fight A Pair in Front of Bridge The Chase A Pair Wing Clipped Juvi Successful Juvi Three Winged Eagle Had to include One Fishing Shot


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4 thoughts on “Recap of the last 3 days shooting Eagles at Lock and Dam 14 (1/1, 1/2, 1/3)

  1. I truly loved seeing the pictures of these majestic birds. Oh the glorious freedom they embody. I just glory in looking at them. There sheer beauty in feathers. What a beautiful sight to behold, Bless you for bringing them to those of us that are unable to go where you saw them. I’m disabled so not able to do like I’d love to do and people that are capable and that bring back such beautiful pictures are my salvation. Thank You. Linda

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