Phoenix Golf Trip, Friends and Family

Had a really nice visit with the Vandermoon’s and Sharon Sister Connie.  I was able to pry Brad out of work early on Thursday and Friday and he managed to slip out of Desert Code Camp a little early on Sunday.  4 rounds of golf.  Whirlwind Devil’s Claw, The Gold Club of Estralla Mountain, Ocotillo, and the last day we were invited to play Terravita Country club.

A few random shots form the trip.

Whirlwind: Devil’s Claw




The Golf Club of Estralla Moutain

IMG_0237Web IMG_0238Web IMG_0240Web IMG_0242Web IMG_0226Web


Ocotilla Golf Course



IMG_0247Web IMG_0248Web IMG_0249Web IMG_0256Web IMG_0265Web


Terravita Country Club – huge thanks to Denny & Brad Flachsbart for hosting us!

IMG_0293Web IMG_0296Web IMG_0297Web IMG_0299Web IMG_0300Web IMG_0301Web IMG_0302Web IMG_0303Web IMG_0305Web IMG_0308Web IMG_0317Web IMG_0319Web IMG_0323Web IMG_0325Web IMG_0332Web IMG_0333Web IMG_0336Web

My hike up South Mountain.

IMG_0291Web IMG_0288Web IMG_0287Web IMG_0286Web IMG_0281Web IMG_0280Web IMG_0278Web IMG_0277Web IMG_0274Web

Sharon’s sister Connie (Con Con)IMG_0342Web_pp




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