Loblolly Build

Here are each major progress / step in the LobLolly build.

7/8/22, signed paperwork and bought our lot, which set everything in motion.

Between 7/8 and 9/15 we waiting on the list to get the basement and footers dug.  During this time Sharon enjoyed running all over to all the vendors picking out things like: Brick, stone, siding, shake, doors, windows, cabinets flooring, countertops, light fixtures, plumbing fixtures.

8/16/22 Kindred Excavation started digging our hole.

8/23/22: Footers framed and poured.

9/1/22: Basements wall forms:

Miss Sharon checking the job site progress:

9/6/2022 Pump the walls full of concrete

9/8/22 Forms off the walls

9/9/22 Waterproofing on, Egress windows, tile work outside and inside the footings. 

9/12/22 Basement plumbing completed and waiting for inspection.

9/22/22 Concrete prep and framing work.

9/23/22 15 yards in the Basement, 13.5 yards in garage floor, 4 trucks total.

9/26/22 Monday, truck load of lumber was delivered.

9/28/22 32 foot curb cut for full three car driveway for the boat.

9/29/22 Sill plate installed, weight bearing basement wall built, steel post and beams set.

9/30/22 First floor joist set and decking started.

9/30/22 Another full load of lumber 9’s 2X6 for walls, beams for second floor, decking for second story.

10/3/2022: Backfilled the back of the house and some grading work.

10/4/2022: More interior walls and the 12’ great room started and looking tall!

10/5/2022: All main floor walls were plumbed (squared and vertically leveled) held in place with temp bracing. Double top plate set. Second story floor joist starting to get set and the boom truck delivered the second floor decking.

10/10/2022 Monday: School holiday so framer had to stay home with the kids.
10/11/2022 Tuesday: Half day work due to rain.
10/12/2022 Wednesday, I went over after breakfast to watch the trusses get delivered. The truck driver was pretty green. Must have taken him 30 tries and ended up just missing the water line. If he could get a 60’ trailer in there, surely I will be able to back my boat in. LOL
The framer had rest of the family room walls built (12’ tall) and the stair case built with risers on only no treads to save weight. Good thing, that stair case was heavy to walk up that wall over the hole for the basement stairs. Going up 11 feet of stairs open on both sides was a little scary. He let me build a temp railing.  Then we headed out and built all three sides of the garage walls and stood them up. Nothing like getting to supervise and help build your own house. (Keeps me out of Sharon’s hair)
10/13/2022 Thursday, window and door headers. Started sheeting the first floor. Once I get there we will build second floor walls and stand them up.
10/14/2022: Garage door headers in. All 12’ and garage walls double top plate on, plumbed, and braced for trusses. Second floor exterior walls built and sheeted. Waiting on more manpower and less wind to stand them up.

10/15/2022 stood up all exterior second story walls with sheeting.

!0/17 – 10 /20 I was in Branson MO for the $300K Mr Crappie Expo, so no daily progress reports, but he was getting everything ready for the trusses.  Rest of the interior second floor walls, plumbed the walls and the top plate on, all walled braced for Trusses.

10/21/22 & 10/22/22 Crane came to lift trusses.  Set most of them on Friday and set the rest on Saturday morning.  They put down 6 sheets of sheeting on front corner and built little self brackets.  The crane lifted all the bundles of roof sheeting. 

10/24/22. 2X6 fascia and truss runners (spaces), and I cut up the broken truss and cleaned up the job site. 

Week of 10/31/22 – 11/3/2022 Finished up sheeting rest of the trusses and wrapped house with 2X6 Fascia.  Learned another new building term.  The little short roof over the garage is called an eyebrow.  Put up the patio trusses and sheeting, 

Friday – Sunday 11/4 – 11/ 6/2022 Roofing

Monday 11/7/2022 Patio rafters

Tuesday 11/8/2022 Black weather proofing! For Sharon’s birthday the house is getting her Envori-Dri weather sealer.

  1. First they attached a 6″ barrier all the way around the bottom of the house.
  2. Spray the rubber black stuff on all seams.
  3. Add white felt mesh over all seams
  4. Then a second coat of black stuff.

If it is good enough to waterproof underground, feels like it should do OK above ground under brick and siding.  Cool time-lapsed video of the product here: https://www.tremcosealants.com/…/enviro-dri/enviro-dri/

11/8/2022 and 11/9/2022 Framers is building walls in the basement to stay out of the way of the Envori-Dri guys.
11/10/2022 Windows

11/11/2022 Exterior doors, had to sheet the interior walls with OSB before we could set the garage entry door.

11/14 – 11/21/2022 Start of Plumbing, and insulation behind shower / tubs and fireplace.

11/22/2022 Plumber hooked up all Plex, and did all black pipe for fireplace, range, water heater, furnace, and garage heater.

11/22 – 11/29 HVAC (Heating and Cooling)

11/21/22 Sharon and I had the walkthrough with for Electrical.  Laid out all outlets, lights, switches, and data runs.

11/22/2022 Walked build site with our cabinet and counter lady to triple check measurements and placements.

11/22 – 12/2 Electrical

Friday 12/2/2022, Heater garage Flue and thermostat

12/5/2022 Basement Soffit done, patio concrete pour.

12/6/2022, start of siding and gas line and meter installed.

12/09/2022 Siding crew finished in the rain and mud.

12/10/2022 Spray Foam Insulation:

12/12 – 12/14/22 Batt Insulation, and vapor barrier:

12/15/2022 Brick, Stone, and mortar delivered:

12/21/2022 Drywall was delivered:

12/22/2022 Drywall crew starting hanging.  They started in the garage. 

12/28/2022: House was connected to the power grid.  We have heat!  They had to move the dirt pile and it was way too muddy for me to get any photos of the trenching.


12/29/2022: Blown insulation for all the ceilings. R38 over all living areas and R19 in the garage.

12/22 – 12/30 Drywall wall hanging.  They used 281 4′ X 12′ sheets!

Drywall tapping, mudding, and finishing: 1/5/23 – 1/13/23

First coat of paint on walls: 1/18 – 1/21/23

Electricians connected all switches, outlets, and LED lights: 1/19/23

Garage doors and openers installed:  1/20/23

I installed the flooring in the attic for storage 1/23/2023

Base Cabinets set: 1/26/2023

Bathroom Title and Shower: 2/6/23 – 2/11/23 

Brick and Stone Masons: 2/13/23 – 2/15/2023

Luxury Vinyl Flooring (LVP): 2/21/23 – 2/24/23

Upper Cabinets: 2/27 – 2/28/23


Doors and Trim: 2/28 – 3/3

Custom Woodworking: 3/3/23 – 3/4/23

Staircase Stain: 3/6/2023

Flatwork: 3/7 – 3/9/2023

Sidewalks, Porch and Steps:  3/20/23

Final Paint: 3/13 – 3/24

Countertops:  3/16 & 3/23/23

Final Plumping: 3/24/2023

Kitchen and Buffet backsplash 3/25/2023

Bourbon Barrel Bar Front 3/26/23

Final Electrical: 3/27 & 3/28

Final Trim / Crown molding:

Sod and landscaping:

All the photos can be found in this FaceBook Album:

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Life is good and I am blessed.